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  • PHOTOS: Max Houtzager, Rob Schanz, Amado Stachenfeld
  • VIDEO: Amado Stachenfeld, Edit by Rob Schanz
  • LOCATION: Hokkaido, Japan


Gentemstick turned 20 years old this year. It's our third year of collaborating with them, starting in the season of 2015-2016 after meeting Alex Yoder at the Derksen Derby with the film 'Gentem Generations' and Terasu Vol 01, and more recently 'The Hunt' and Terasu Vol 02

The extended family that has grown around this small Niseko based snowboard company has effectively changed not only snowboarding culture but snowboard culture's relationship with surf culture. Along with their deep insights on the human relationship with nature, they have lit the way for Terasu as a creative community focused not just on one worldview or one creative outlet, but on the broader synergy between interacting with the mountains, ocean, and the food that nourishes us. If you have a chance to meet the Gentem family, visit their gallery, ride one of their boards, or view their perspectives through film or photography, surely there will be unique feelings to feel and new ways to see. 

We made a new film, 'VEINS', as an ode to the philosophy and energy that resonates from the Gentem family. The full film can be seen as part of 'Episodes', available for purchase here.