About us

 照らす【te-rä-sū : to illuminate


TERASU: An independent publication rooted in mountain, ocean, and food culture.


We work with a variety of artists, chefs, and makers across mediums. Our aim is to illuminate new perspectives by bringing into focus a variety of living things. The result is a convergence of materials, skills, and ideas.


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Based in Sausalito and Tokyo


  • Poet and the Bench | Marin
  • Prooflab Station | Marin
  • Alchemy Works | Los Angeles, Newport
  • Sawyer Land and Sea Supply | Santa Cruz
  • Breakfast Culture Club | Santa Barbara
  • Circles | Nagoya
  • Daikanyama Tsutaya | Tokyo
  • Gentemstick | Hokkaido
  • M03 Store | Hiratsuka
  • Naki Surf | Chiba
  • On Sundays | Tokyo
  • Playmountain | Tokyo
  • Relax Snowsurf | Gunma
  • Ride Surf | Tokyo
  • Removal  | Akita
  • Shonan Tsutaya
  • Slope Gallery
  • S&Y Workshop | Miyazaki