Posted In: Mountain

  • AUTHOR: John Montesi
  • PHOTOS: Max Houtzager, Rob Schanz, Amado Stachenfeld
  • VIDEO: Amado Stachenfeld
  • LOCATION: Hokkaido, Japan

“With your own body- your skin, veins, and blood- their relation to each other is essential to preserve the balance of the whole.”
- Taro Tamai

Taro Tamai sees the entire world as worthy of interaction and deep consideration. He discovered his love for the earth and everything in it through the intimate contact points that most resonate with him. Through fishing, surfing, and snowboarding, Taro engages deeply with his surroundings, drawing inspiration from each of his pursuits that have led to unique approaches on snow and sea. He is drawn to challenging and paradoxical circumstances — cold, empty swells and spring snow and reluctant fish that have grown large with their wisdom. The earth presents roads less travelled with a subtle, nuanced beauty. Taro always takes these roads. His snowboards are not just iconoclastic; they’re a pure expression of everything he believes to be true about the opportunities the mountains provide, tangible pieces of his well-refined philosophy on life.

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