Posted In: Ocean

PHOTOS: Yusuke Sakamoto

LOCATION: Kamakura 


Known for a big Buddha and retro green and yellowish Enoden train driving down the coast, it’s not what you are here for.

Kamakura has got something more than that which you probably feel if you walk slowly enough.


All kinds of creations seem to be gathered in this small community as if they are meant to be.

Locals here seem to be capable of finding their own rhythm, knowing what real values in life are, and therefore, keeping their life minimal.

Call it living rather than surviving if you want to.

And not to mention, sliding in the water apparently is a big part of it.

Waves here are fairly mellow and it’s not rare you are forced to stay dry for a week or two.

No drama at all. If it’s flat it’s flat and when it’s on it’s on.

That’s what it is.

Stay calm, watch things go by, adjust the focus ring and let them come to you.

At 1/30, things come alive.

It’s a speed that starts peeling off a moment.

It’s a speed that things start leaving their shadows.

It’s a speed that I find my rhythm.

It is a moment that I live in.