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Gentem women's | Live your life from GENTEMSTICK on Vimeo.

PHOTOS: Max Houtzager

VIDEO: Amado Stachenfeld

LOCATION: Hokkaido, Japan


Everyone has a role to fulfill. But now and then, it is imperative to step outside of those confines, to reinvent oneself relative to a sprawling, snowy expanse. We become the truest versions of ourselves in that blinding-white realm of endless possibility which thrusts the individual forward into the unknown. Claiming one identity by day, but carving out precious moments to switch it out for another; the boards we ride undergo a similar substitution as the seasons change. We seamlessly adapt, gliding with tremendous speed into completely new environments to blur the boundaries between future and past, summer and winter, water and snow. On the glittering slope, we create spaces entirely our own, impenetrable to expectations of the outside world.