Posted In: Gastronomy

VIDEO: Amado Stachenfeld

LOCATION: Circle Rock Ranch, Vashon, Washington

They call a lot of things “going back to our roots,” but it is by eating them that we fully embody this elusive ideal. 

The most direct way to live off the land is to eat that which grows from it. Animals are middlemen, breads are third parties. Vegetables come from the ground, are products of the earth they grow in. Whether root or leafy, green or purple, they remind us of how pure our connection to the land can be.

They silently grow and bountifully give. Their pigments are nature’s paintbrush. To add color to your meal, look no further than the ground. Soil’s subtleties are amplified by the plants that pull life from it. Every brown becomes a color of the rainbow, each mineral part of a rich palette. Plants are a product of what we put into them. The brightest reds and darkest greens come from a little work and a lot of love. The array of earthy splendor that homegrown produce provides is always worth it.


Special thanks to Brandon D’Imperio and Jody Rollins from Circle Rock Ranch.