Preview Vol 02: Open Fish

Preview Vol 02: Open Fish

Preview: A series of meals in California and Japan featuring a variety of chefs, food producers, and artists who are well versed in food, where people come together to test and create new ways of gathering, cooking, and eating.

Vol 02: Inspired by a year's worth of testing the new Terasu grill tools in California, Key Masuda (Coffeebuster) and Terasu Creative Director Max Houtzager will prepare a simple menu on the hearth at the recently opened izakaya, Open Fish in Shibuya.

Time: 6-11pm Free entry, small plates of fish and vegetables on the fire plus cocktails featuring Birdview Distillery's cactus brandy.

12-5pm Terasu gastronomy tools available for purchase and complimentary fresh country loaves and coffee by Key and Max. 

RSVP on facebook here.