Preview Vol 04: Field Materials

Preview Vol 04: Field Materials

'Preview' is a series of meals between California and Japan featuring a variety of chefs, food producers, and artists who are well versed in food, where people come together to test and create new ways of gathering, cooking, and eating. For Vol 04 we are partnering with the Aoyama Bread Festival at the Tokyo Farmer's Market and will also be releasing our next print edition, 'Field Materials' on the occasion. 

The menu for the day will be tied to the contents of 'Field Materials', which is a field guide created from the beginnings of Terasu 5 years ago through to the aftermath of Vol 02, released last year.


Bread: Coffeebuster's Japanese Alps beer levain

Max's Ancient Grain Koji Pan Loaf 

Vegetable: Burdock pomegranate salad, charcoal grilled marinated night shades

Main: Matsutake Nicoise

Drink: Birdview Distillery Cocktails

Event Info: 

Time:11/16, 11:30 entrance、12:00 start

Location:Farmer's Market Community Lounge

Tickets:3,000 yen /30 people

Drinks: 800-1200 yen

After lunch we will be serving tasting plates and drinks a la carte as well as the first copies of 'Field Materials'.

Field Materials aims to reframe the idea of a ‘field guide’ in order to allow us to think differently about ‘the field’ and about ‘materials’. The makers of a field guide undergo multi-faceted deeper exploration of what they already know, do not know, will never know, and how they got to where they are.