Preview Vol 03: OSITO Dinner

Preview Vol 03: OSITO Dinner

As part of Terasu's "Preview" series, we will co-host a special dinner for Seth Stowaway's new dining concept, OSITO. Seth's cooking is about warmth- the feeling of being cared for absolutely.  As he gets ready to open in San Francisco, a new family of craftsman, artists, designers, and gastronomes have come together to help realize this new foray into hearth fire centric cooking.

On Sunday October 13th, Seth and his team, along with Terasu, Birdview Distillery, and Jorgen Harle will come together to host a preview dinner at a private location on the Sausalito waterfront.  

To RSVP please purchase a ticket below. This intimate meal for 25 will consist of 15 courses founded on the cooking of a whole hog. A drink pairing is included (non-alcoholic option also available). We are unable to make accommodations for food restrictions. 

From Seth: "I grew up in San Antonio, TX, the heart of “Tex-Mex.” I would walk in to friends homes and smell menudo or tamales being prepared. My father lived in the country with friends of his who raised animals and hunted, teaching me the value of living off the land. I reach for ingredients and flavors found close to home."

  • Additional Information
  • Dinner October 13th, 7:00 - 10:00
    Location Sausalito (location to be disclosed upon RSVP)