Gentemstick for 'The Hunt'

Gentemstick for 'The Hunt'

From US premiere of 'The Hunt' at Marinship Studios, December 2017.

GIANT MANTARAY 159 (black)
No one can let by the distinctive and unforgettable outline with the big square nose and the halfmoon tail. A scaled up version of the original Mantaray that was long awaited by many riders.

Inheriting the ultimately friction-alleviating rocker line of the original Mantaray, it promises a loose riding feel once submerged in a three-dimensional terrain.

FLOATER 162 (natural)
An all-rounder that will handle any situation. Whether in groomers, powder, tracked-out terrain, or in the backcountry, enjoy the full-rail carving in all condition. Its thickness has been changed to get more sharpness in the first half of the carving, allowing riders to press harder on their front foot when initiating the turn.

This board is the most echoed from users all around Japan and is probably the hidden standard board of Gentemstick. It is the most recommended board for any rider thinking of switching to Gentemstick.

MERMAID 151 (sky blue)
Maximizing the design characteristic of the Spoonfish such as the acceleration camber, the long projected nose rocker and smooth low-key sidecut, the Mermaid rides soft, tender, gracefully and freely, just like a Sea-Maiden flying in the deep blue ocean.

Everything will turn into slow-mo and it will let you discover new subtle features while you cruise down your daily slope.

See Gentemstick for full specs.

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  • Weight 19.0 lb
    Board Mermaid , 0 total
    Weight 2.0 lb
    Board Giant Mantaray 159 , 0 total
    Weight 2.0 lb
    Board Floater 162 , 0 total